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Life Coaching

Each of us has the wisdom and the power within us to make our life be exactly what we want it to be. As your life coach I can help you discover what’s really most important to you, help you set goals and figure out a plan to achieve these and identify and eliminate anything that could block your progress on your journey to living the best life possible. I will help you identify specific area’s in your life that are holding you back such as Relationships, Career, Finances, Confidence, Health, Environment and more.

  • Relationships

  • Finances

  • Career

  • Health

  • Confidence

  • Environment

You will learn about the practical techniques used by highly effective people and also how to cultivate your own natural strengths. Develope skills to help you achieve great results and become the best version of you

Happiness Coaching

So how do you step into your most authentic, courageous, empowered self ? How do you show up as the happiest, brightest, boldest version of yourself ? It all starts with getting clear about what makes you happy,what makes you feel most alive. So … are you ready to begin building your happiness? Are you ready to “shift” your life in a big way? Are you ready to experience more unbridled joy and increase your happiness levels?

Most of us view happiness as a prize we get later in life when we have achieved everything we want and we’ve found love then we will here angels singing and confetti will fall from the sky and in that moment we will finally be happy. Not so ! Happiness is not a destination. We all deserve to be happy along the journey of life so what’s stopping you ?


Mindfulness is a process of bringing the attention to the present moment. In this busy world of ours we can feel overwhelmed from time to time. Learn how to cope with stressful, difficult and painful thoughts, feelings and sensations. Develop self knowledge, inner peace, a sense of calm and clear the mind for a much happier life all round. The practice of mindfulness can be utilised to gradually develop self knowledge & wisdom. It can help bring awareness to the conditioned nature of our thoughts.

Mindfulness is becoming popular in a lot of area’s such as schools and the workplace. Most employers realise that mindfulness will result in better employee well-being, lower levels of frustration, lower levels of absenteeism as well as an improved overall work environment. One of the main practices used in mindfulness is meditation which is a fabulous tool to help bring ones attention to the know. There is also numerous mindfulness exercises based on different aspects of your life all designed to help live a mindful life.

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